Images bugged again

Images are bugged again. I set the image to ‘Contain’ and ‘Scale’ under Positioning and when I live preview it’s back to flickering (think: epilepsy).

Previously, the fix was to make it as a column background, which I did. Then they were fixed so I reverted back to images, now it’s broken again.

Can this please be fixed ASAP? I posted on Git, too.

My suggestion to you would be never to use images it will end up glitching and make your app look cheap always and always either use column background but if you wanna change the radius and etc you can’t do that on column so I would recommend you to use button as it’s consistent doesn’t glitches and radius can be changed. Hope it helps

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Hey @somamendbjj, @farhanlatif027i3df‘s suggestion is right on

See this example circled in red. It is a button with absolute positioning. Top offset =0

I then positioned a column directly over the button.


Here’s a link to what the flickering looks like:

It does this on Pixel 2
Does not do this on my Note 10+

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One quick question for you @somamendbjj, In addition to the comments above.

Does this flickering persist when installing your app?

(Thanks for all the video, btw, it makes it much easier for us to see what’s going on! :+1:)

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The flickering is when I’m live testing on my Pixel 2 device.

It does not happen on my Note 10+ device.

I don’t know what it looks like on other phones, those are the only two available right now.

I have a feeling it has to do with the alignment of something…which is confusing to me.

All the columns in height add up to 100% so I’m unsure why anything would be overlapping or flickering given they should have their own space on the screen

It’s possible that this is limited to live testing. My recommendation would be to rest the installed app because that’s the most important piece of the puzzle.

If your users can’t see it that would be the main concern.

I will try that, thank you