If condition with logical = not working for certain projects

I have two different projects here,

and a demo project

In the first project I gave ‘and’ condition inside ‘check’ function.
In the ‘if-do’ control block, ‘and’ condition is used, but the output is not displayed when three buttons equal x or o
I have made changes to buttons in only two rows to understand the two different conditions I am talking about.
get text button 1 = (get text button 2 = get text button 3) does not work here. only get text button 1 = get text button 2 AND get text button 2 = get text button 3 . is working
But when I made a demo it’s working.

Let me see them first if blocks are incorrect

See it can you do like this ??

Hi Kartik, actually the doubt is regarding the ‘check’ function.

Oh i worked on logic = one