Idea of new component / app mode

Hey there, I was thinking after watching multiple requests from all user that none of them mentionned a :

-Dark theme for thunkable
-And a possibilty to add a component which we can integrate to our app so our users can set the “night mode” on

That’s it for me, don’t hesitate to discuss and to tell me if it is already available.
Nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Do you mean a default dark theme for the app itself or for the Thunkable platform? I think there should be a way to create a custom dark theme but I haven’t seen any examples of this yet.


I mean for the thunkable entire platform because while working all night long the white screen becomes hurting for the eyes.

But the night mode like the one on ios but to integrate inside the app so it changes the colors itself is definitely something needed.

Keep up the good job !

I know how.
I found a way that thunkable can recognise whether or not dark mode is on using iOS.

You’re talking about it,

 if (window.matchMedia && window.matchMedia('(preferences-color-scheme: dark)'). matches) {
 // dark mode

Here’s the link,

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I’m wondering what this string is used for in your file?

var myVar = setInterval(myTimer, 1);

Tights was when I was testing repeating codes.

Sorry, I asked the wrong question. What I really wanted to ask is, why does the timer use a minimum delay of 1? This is usually done to get the maximum possible speed, for example, when programming games. Try my example on device to see the problem clearly.

I made a better version of it that setting the value to 100 ms. It works perfectly now.
All tho I don’t know if it works on other devices.

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