Icons are not showing up on my button?

I’m trying to add an icon next to the text of my buttons. I found this post and followed the instructions but no icons are showing. I’ve got an app compiling now to see if it works on a true app. The icon was pulled from one of the recommended sites so it should be ok. Any tips for me?


Even the compiled app does not show the icons. I must be missing something.

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You’ve just see the Image resize mode in Stp ( Snap to place ) UI ??

See Where The box of Image resize mode borders are highlighted

I’d recommend using Unicode Characters (or even Emoji :medal_sports:) to do this.

For example:

You could use this character ⇐ to make something like this:

⇐ Back

Or this emoji :arrow_backward: to make this:

:arrow_backward: Back

There’s lot’s of scope there I think


I thank you for this but does that mean that putting icons in buttons does not work?

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I’m not using the STP UI. Does that mater?

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Means normal UI

I really wish we could do this.

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A workaround is to use something like canva.com to design your image with text in the image itself. You can then use the image in the button and remove the text from the button settings.

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