Icon is not uploading

my app icon is not uploading
plzzzzz help

Is this happening when you’re publishing your app? What type of image file are you uploading? Is there an error message that appears?

is your image too big!

i have an image file , that is a PNG format 5.5kb size . and the system doesnt show any error . its not changed after being selected . i am using the B.E.T.A version

its only 5.5kb

At what point is this happening? When trying to publish to an app store? Can you provide a screenshot of that step?

Have you tried doing a hard-reset of the browser window and/or clearing the cache?

Hi there,
I think this relates to all images uploaded in the projects. Just try to upload a new .png and put it in an Image component - it doesn’t work.
This could also attempt the uploading of the App Icon.
@tatiang, are you not having this issue?

use 36x36 or 24x24 cm or pixel and try

If I upload a png file such as the one below using the new drag-and-drop interface, the image component remains blank. But once I preview it in a browser and close the preview, the image component then displays the image correctly.


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