$$I want to pay someone to be my virtual tutor$$

Hi I’m relatively new to thunkable and I wanted to know if someone would be willing to teach me some things about thunkable and how to use it. I would be willing to pay per hour. you can contact me at andymiller510@gmail.com or respond to my post but if I don’t respond here please email me

  • speak english
  • have a good understanding of thunkable
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Hello mate,
There are many tutorials about Thunkable on YouTube. It is so easy to use, just learn the basic things then I am sure you can build a nice app.
I recommend Thunkable channel and Domhnall channel on YouTube and you can find more.
They speak English.
Remember, it is so very easy.


What @Hayder saId :smile:
The only skill you need to be good at Thunkable is the ability to think logically.

There is no need for you to pay someone to do a job you can learn :wink: also, all the tutorials on YouTube is free.

You is welcome to ask here on the forum and if no one answers, you is more than welcome to write a private message to me and then I will help you free of charge😊


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is their a way to create a way that I can allow my users to message directly to each other and get push notifications whenever they get the message?

and can I create a scrollable gallery like this

To build a gallery you need to use web technologies (WebViewer component) and for direct message exchange - Firebase (component Realtime DB). To work with notifications in Thunkable X is impossible.

Yes, You need some kind of database like firebase :slight_smile: