I want to make my buttons have links


I have 30 buttons which named Profile(0~29)
And I have 30 links which match with buttons. (0/profile, 1/profile, 2/profile…29/profile)
I want to make my button working.
How can I make it easily?

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Use the Any block to handle clicks on any button.

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I know how I can make button with website link.
but I have a lot of buttons and links.

I have Profile0~49 buttons and 50 links.
How can I make it easy?
Should I make 50 blocks?
I wish there is something solution like loop

I think you have posted the same question yesterday -

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In response to your question - here’s a short tutorial outlining how to do this with lists:

Hope that helps!


For simplicity, I store the URL in the Visible property, but you can use a less risky block.

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