Button - Open a Link

Hello Acteam,
I would like to know why you didn’t include an “open link” property for buttons:


it would be very useful especially when creating buttons (create or clone) dynamically, instead of using the “any button” block which is quite complex in the case of lists.

image .


Hi, @Andrea_Marchisio! :wave:

Why? Do you want to open a particular link, for a particular button / when a particular button is clicked?


Note - All the buttons are created dynamically.

If you could answer my previous question, I have a very nice and simple trick for you.


I’m creating a dynamic homepage app with pictures, title and descriptions as I have stored in my AirTable table.
To do that the only way is to clone a row that contain these objects (already formatted as I want) and modifiy the buttons and labels data.
Now the problem is that I also saved the url of the single button (in AirTable) but how do I apply it?
Maybe “Any Button” is the only way but I have to reload another time my table and then … bla bla bla.
By chance there is some other magic?