I want to make filter bar in listview as in thunkable classic

can any one help me with filter bar in list view as in thunkable classic. i want to make it in thunkable x.
In my project i have taken data in list view from local db containing 2 columns, where i want to have filter bar in list view with column 1 from local db. Kindly help me with clear steps.
thanks in advance

scrAirTable filter sample. Press Filter button


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thank you very much Actech for providing me with your tutorials. but what im looking is i have data from local db in which i have 3 columns, i want to get column 1 in list view which contains around 1000 items. i want to make a filter bar where user can search by typing 3 - 4 letters or may be word, with that i want to show list of items matching to the letters or word from list view.
From my Project : from “list view” set “text items” to in “localdb” call “Getcolumn” column"1".
I hope you got my issue what exactly im facing.
Once again thanks for providing with your tutorial.

In which case, you can look at an example on the sciFinder screen and adapt it to work with Local DB.

Thanks for your quick response… i’ll try to workout with that screen and if any doubts or clarifications needed kindly help me, sorry to bother you as im beginner.
Once again thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @Vamsi_Sarma :wave:

Have you seen our tutorial on filtering data? It uses a Listviewer to display data too!

Thanks Mr.Domhnall, I was just reading your post on search and filter.I’ll try to use the same method in my project, if any issue or doubts i’ll write to you, kindly respond with your valuable suggestions as im beginner. Sorry to bother you with my doubts.
Once again thanks a lot for helping

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Hello Mr.Domhnall, if you have time kingly go through my sample project, i have followed your search and filter methods and they are working awesome,but on item click i want to get column “2” i.e URL saved in db.can you pls help me out where did i missed.Sorry to bother you again and again.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Pls find my project link :