I want to join the DnD Layouts component beta testing


The approval process is unclear. I send messages to cass@thunkable.com(I saw it on the top banner abount a week ago), Cassandra’s forum account and cassandra@thunkable.com(Thunkable just updated it on the top banner).

I would be grateful if you counld let me know my approval status.


@cassandra will tag her on the forums…


Hi @indepa - will DM you on our existing thread!


Thank you, @tatiang @cassandra :slightly_smiling_face:


@cassandra I would like to join the Layout testing too! I sent a few emails but haven’t gotten a response yet.
I am making a messaging app and i think i can’t proceed without Layout!

Hi @cassandra - I would like access to the beta layout component as well. I can’t proceed with my app with out it. What do I need to do to gain access?

@mikew1944 I’ve messaged a few folks already about this but I will reply here as well. In general, we are happy to invite new folks to do some beta testing with us. However, they do need to be on a paid plan to do so.

Happy to talk further if you are interested though! Thanks for checking in!

@conroy - Yeah, that’s fine. What paid plan do I need to be on?

@mikew1944 For personal plans, Pro. If you are interested in any of our business plans, it’s included with all of those.

@conroy - Ok. We decided to go with a developer to have it custom coded. Looks like our build is too complex for Thunkable.

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