Do I need a PRO membership to have access to all components?

Hello all,

I am new here. Today is my first day. I am trying to create my first app. Right now I have a free account and following the tutorial. Do I need a PRO membership to access all the Components shown, for example the LocalDB?

Thank you for your feedback.

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No, you don’t need Pro membership. In future please try something for yourself, read the documentation, or search the forum instead of spamming it as most questions like yours have already been answered.

See here for differences between the different plans.

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As they stated, they are new here. While your information was correct, remember that tone/context is lost in text and your “tone” may come across as rude or arrogant. A new person should feel welcomed and pointed in the right direction, not spoken down to.


Welcome to Thunkable.

The short answer in NO you don’t need a PRO membership to see the components. All components are accessible to all users.

Having said that, you need to understand TWO points.

  • First Point
    Thunkable has two different development platforms; the old one or StP (Snap to Place) and the new one or DnD (Drag and Drop). The components, in each, are arranged differently and you might not be able to have an easy/direct cross reference between both for every component.

  • Second Point
    Although you can use all components while designing your project there are certain components that can only be used with PRO membership once you decide to download or publish your app. So, in short, designing phase you do not need PRO membership but publish phase you will need the PRO membership for certain components such as AdMob.

Hope this makes it clear.


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