Which components will i unlock after purchasing Thunkable Pro?

In some Thunkable x tutorials, I have seen some components like -: Item picker etc. which i do not find in my thunkable projects . I have also tried hard refreshing. So, I want to know that should i have to purchase thunkable pro for using these features.

THANKS, :grinning:
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Hi @tobi, I don’t think these are Thunkable X tutorials…but feel free to post a link to the YouTube video here so we can confirm for you.

Here are a list of PRO features that you get when upgrading:

And you also get access to the AdMob Component and the Push Notifications component.

Hope that helps!

Is this not a Thunkable x tutorial ?
Link -: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXwY_nXjXqQ

Hey @tobi, yep that’s a Thunkable X tutorial.

Are you looking at the components on the left hand side of the screen? :wink:

on the left side
picker and pickeritem

They’re not available in PRO (or free, for that matter)

These were internal components that we were experimenting with at the time.

Perhaps something like this might work instead?