I want to calculate the number of times someone names is added into my firebase realtime database

I have created an app that captures peoples names and the time when added into the firebase realtime data bases.
Now this database is full of entries with different peoples names etc.
I want to calculate the total times name “x” is entered into the databse.
Image of my code example

picture of my databse

The property mark is not on a list. Since you’re adding the object at the end of the list you can use the get #1 block and use the variable as the list, and the # 1 with # lenght of the list

Would you be able to build a small block to explain this please? I’m a little confused

Set Your entries label to

Ok I understand what you suggested. However, I want to calclaute the number of times Steve has been entered into the data base. I want to build a query that searches for “Steve” in all the datapoints and then says 2 in the above image case. If that makes sense

Try this

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