Count object properties

In my Firebase Realtime Database I have a key with properties named 0, 1, 2…and so. Could I count the properties in this key in order to add a new one and name it after the sequence. For example if the last property is 4 the new one would be 5.

I can retrieve the object in a JSON format but them it show in the JSON format and i’m unable to count the properties or show all the record with the same property.

Here you can go in two ways: create a structure in firebase as an array of objects with indices 0,1,2 … and then work with it as a list of objects or how do you use embedded objects, which can be converted to JSON string and manually get the necessary substrings using blocks for working with text and a list.

I think you posted an example of that logic in another post, I’ll find it and give it a shot

An example of manual work with JSON can be found on the scrJSON screen in the project: