I think the Community was updated... πŸ€”

Hi Thunkers! :blush:

I was browsing today, I noticed that the uploaded image has been applied shadow (like a card) -

Also, any attached link now appears in the title -


Is the community updated?
Thanks! :blush:

That’s not new :grinning: that’s been a feature for a long time, it’s just rarely used.

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However what is quite new is that unfortunately larger images (file size) are extremely reduced in size especially .gifs wich is a problem when people want to share screen recordings or bigger screenshots of their blocks :confused:

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it used to be ok

but know theres no space for alphabet



the feature β€œAlso, any attached link now appears in the title -” has been in thunkable community for a long time ago

thunkers is a cute name for coders