I need a partner and cofounder

Hello thinkers.
I’m building an app on thunkable to help small and online business with delivery of their products to their customers.
I tried building on bubble but I couldn’t get the native features I needed when it was time for me to wrap it.
I’m currently 70% through with the app. I need a partner who is much more conversant with thunkable platform so we could build a sustainable business together in Ghana and gradually scale in Africa.

It’s entails maps and I have already contacted google maps for a real time navigation map.

Anyone here who is good on thunkable and is ready to partner can reach me on WhatsApp via +8613222821436.
Thank you, Urgent

I would just caution anyone considering working in this type of arrangement to get a legal, signed contract explaining how you will be paid.

It’s really common on app developer forums to see people promise to pay a percentage of revenues which means that you will do all of the work up front for no pay and then hope the app is successful enough later.

@asiedu313v4sqsy You’ll probably have more luck getting someone to respond if you explain how you plan to pay someone who partners with you.

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As partners both of us will be majority shareholders of the company

So just to be clear, you’re not planning to pay your partner anything? That’s fine as long as people understand that.

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Percentage of shares means percentage of pay … right?

Yeah Exactly. At the moment I would bear the expense of building and listing on the stores. I would only need the other party’s expertise.

What exactly do you need help with? What functionality you trying to achieve? That way I know if I’m in a position to help or not.

The distinction for me is this:

Let’s say I put in 100 hours of my time to help build an app. I get paid $0 for my time. Let’s say the app makes $10,000 and we have a 70/30 revenue agreement. So I make $3,000 at some point after the app has been published. My time is worth $30 per hour. Not bad!

But let’s instead say I put in 100 hours and the app only makes $100. My portion of the revenue is $30. My time is worth $0.30 per hour. Not good! But I wouldn’t know that until after the work is completed. I take on a lot of risk in this scenario.

The alternative is that I get paid $30 per hour while developing the app. Then, on top of that, I get some portion of any revue that is generated after the app is published. I’m being paid for my time and the risk is much less.

Some people may be just fine with that level of risk. I just think they should be aware of it when they start the partnership. And that it should be part of a signed legal contract.


Tell that to the same guys who turned down apple shares for their hard effort. Kicking themselves now aren’t they!

Obviously you check out the app, it’s USP, what YOU think it can achieve and you make a sensible decision off that.

Of course its a risk, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Might be a flop, and you saved yourself some agro, might be a super hit, and your 30% would be worth £30mill.

But you can’t have your cake n eat it. If your agree on a hourly rate, don’t be asking for any shares. If you work for free, agree a slice of the pie, make sure it’s a success and reap the rewards.

Yooooooooo. Let’s work together since I’m a bubbler too. I do require a paycheck, unfortunately as I have 2 kids and a full time job already. Being real tho, I’m a freelancer who likes to make money AND help others build cool stuff!

Team thunkubble

What can’t you get to work that makes you think you have to build in thubkable

You can get the wrapper and bubble to communicate nicely with the webviewer. Then. You could build majority in bubble and save the stuff that you can’t for Thunkable.

Thanks a lot. I need someone with such mindset.

Thanks for your commitment Jared. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to provide you with a paycheck now. If you want us to build something awesome together and reap the benefits together, we can do that.

I just need the native transition feature in the app, iOS back slide and android back button feature without delays.