I cant find my app searching on Google Play by his Name

But if i write the half , yes… I m confused …
Do anyone know why?

Did you read my PM reply?

Google does not want you to download you own app as a client. So, any search that may be specific enough to home onto it may be disabled for you only.
The rest of the world sees your app without problem.

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But the other people in my country couldnt find It by his completa name but yes with the half… Is that normal?

Who knows what is normal with google. The system is trying to find stuff by matching words with the order irrelevant. “previata” and “esta” are common words in Spanish, and the system will even try to mach close sounding words in case one was mis-typed. With those two words, it would get so many hits that it will likely list them in order of popularity.
If you really wanted to stand out, you could have picked a name that is not a common word. Just look at the name of the environment we are working with: “thunkable”. Ever seen a ‘thunkable’ in the store? Met someone named ‘thunkable’?

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Hi, @Leito! :wave:

If you have uploaded your app recently on PlayStore, it will take Google some time to get it in the search.
When you reach like 50-60 downloads, your app will appear on the top, when you search it’s name. :wink:

(I am experienced with this :smile: )

Thanks! :blush:

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