I cannot store the list in local storage using the for each block


The for each block doesn’t seem to work.

In the project linked above, when I click the DBSave button, I cannot save the list in storage.

Does anyone know why?

For something like that. The count block works well. It has a built in counter. You set the number it counts to by using the length of list block and use the length of the shortest list you are using in the loop.

Count from (1) to (length of {words}) by (1)

I also tried storing the list in local storage as a count block.
But it was not saved.
Before that, I was able to save well no matter how I did it.
Suddenly I can’t do it recently. I don’t know why.

i clicked the first button and it caused my browser window to freeze :rofl:

why would you need to store it in the local storage?
what are you trying to accomplish i wonder?

why can’t you reference items from the localDB?

what does this example app do? how do you know if it’s worked, there’s no output?
what do you hope this app would do?

It stops.
I recently stopped developing apps due to this symptom.

Local storage is to create an English dictionary.
When studying a word, typing a word key is intended to bring you pronunciation and meaning.

The reason you don’t use local DB right away is that local DB doesn’t have the ability to delete items.
So, inevitably, the data in the local DB is moved to the local storage.

I’m still getting an error even though you said you removed me from the beta test.

If you create and test a new account, there are no errors. Because of this, the error is only occurring in my account.
It is already over a week.

I had to stop all my work.
If it’s impossible to fix the error, give me the money I’m using for a fee.

Or, stop the paid period.
More details were posted on GitHub.

A couple of things to note here @mom7667yafy:

  1. I’m in the beta too and I’m not experiencing this issue. Is it possible that there’s an issue elsewhere in your project? Likely candidates would be duplicate event handlers and using the wrong variable by accident. (The second one was what happened to me when I tested this last week).
  2. Can you import the “working” version form your new account to your PRO account and let us know what happens.


I used the same code.

1.It works fine on my new account.
Watch the attached video.

The saved value is displayed well in the list view.
  1. An error occurs in my existing paid account.
    Watch the attached video.
    No value is stored in storage. The saved value is displayed as null in the list view.

I stopped all work for this.
The app cannot be released.
An error occurs in the app.

List viewer don’t work on online preview!! You need to download the app


@Dany_Coimbra The list viewer is supported…

but @mom7667yafy Local Storage is not.


What happens when you install this app on your phone?

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I get the same error on my mobile phone.
So, I haven’t been able to release the app I made.

Can’t you go into my account and test it out?

Others don’t seem to have this problem.
Is there any possibility of this happening in my account?

could it be that you just didn’t code it correctly? Not that I have seen your code or am implying you don’t know how to code. But i have made plenty of errors that cause issues like this.

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I’m getting errors in all of the previously released apps that work fine.

I have the same problem with dozens of apps in my account. It works well in the past, so it’s already released on the App Store.
It makes no sense that the code is wrong.

I can look at a project if you share the link with me - would that help?

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The address was shown a while ago.
Attach the address below again.


I just tested it on my phone.
On the phone, an error occurred in both the old and new accounts.

I think we need to move this conversation out of the Data Viewer thread.

It’s inappropriate and unfair to the other 70 or so Beta testers here to wander off topic like this to discuss an issue with lists and list and the list viewer.

I’d also have a number of questions about how you are initialising your lists and how you’ve structured your loops.

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Uhhh sorry

The app works fine on new accounts.
In the existing paid account, the same app generates an error.
Watch the video above

I made the app as simple as possible.
You can easily figure out what the problem is.

I did a test a while ago.
In the live test, it suddenly worked fine.
Previously, it didn’t work with live tests on my existing paid account, but this seems to have been fixed.
But i still
When I release the app and test it on my phone
I am getting an error.