I am new and when I click on blocks nothing shows

I have started doing the 1st tutorial and have followed instructions, put buttons on and then put the link for the speak box in, but then I click on Blocks as instructed and there is nothing showing just a black page, I have connected the app to my iPhone from apple store downloading the live app. Could somebody please help me,?

Can you copy and paste your blocks please.

Are you saying that when you click on the “Blocks” tab at the top of the page, the page is blank? There are no links on the left like:

yes thats right, nothing is showing?

there are no blocks to copy its just a blank page, could it be I’m not using the old platform?

I’ve worked out the old platform shows the side bar on the left, but it won’t show the app on my phone I’m making, The new system shows the tutorial, but it does not show it in the old system, only utube videos. I have reloaded the app and still show the new system app.

You might try looking at these two videos:

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