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Hi everyone, I need to use html tags in the labels. I’ve seen that Thunkable X doesn’t handle them. I tried to use the WebViewer but the result is not suitable for my project. I will have to access thousands of records in a database which are all HTML formatted and I have to decide whether to invest in Thunkable or opt for some other solution.
Does anyone know if an update is expected soon to allow them to be used in the Label component?
Or who to ask if it is in the forecast and in what time frame?
Thank you

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I don’t know the answer to your question about when HTML tags will be available within labels but if your data can be exported, it might be possible to convert it to JSON using something like this: And then you can manipulate the JSON however you need within Thunkable. But if it’s a live database that you need access to from Thunkable, I don’t know of a way to currently do this.

@muneer might have a better answer for you…

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Thanks Tatiang, but I have to access thousands of formatted records all with HTML tags and it would be too complicated to translate everything. I also tried with Web Viewer but having to paginate the text with many images is not very practical. And then the graphic aspect does not satisfy me. That’s why, having to decide whether to convert the application from App Inventor to Thunkable, I would need some information on future developments. But here I have not found any email to which I can write to ask for information …

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As already mentioned by @tatiang the Label component will not render HTML tags but you can use the Google Apps Script which will show your HTML text in a browser (Not a Web Viewer) if that would suite your needs.

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