How would you create a Book using thunkable?

These are the requirements:

  1. Avaible with no internet connection
  2. the only element I was able to using was web viewer because It was scrollable but element label is not.
    I dont know wich element use for this app.

Thanks in advance four your support.


that’s an interesting question.
The quick answer is yes, i can think of many ways to allow people to read a book through an app using thunkable’s blocks, but i’d need more info to suggest you a proper answer.

Do you own this book?
Do you have the right to duplicate it?
Do you have access to its raw text? (i mean if you can copy and paste)

Let me know

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Page by page.

Use a label in a layout.

Don’t break copyright laws. I’ve seen apps refused for publishing and taken down from stores and the web for copyright infringement.

Almost happened to me once