Is it possible to create a book with offline reading?

I was reading different posts and tried different ideas but I couldn’t find a definitive solution for this.

App specifications / requirements

*The app is a simple ebook (not an ebook reading app)
*It has ~50 pages and each page has ~4 small images under different headings
*When a user installs the app, all pages and images should be downloaded to the phone / tab so they can read it offline

I tried the following methods suggested in other posts with mixed results

  1. using web viewer: i was able to display html and image (encoded) in android but didn’t work in the iphone 11 I tested (when I give a normal web url both phones displayed the content)

  2. PDF reader: tried this but it doesn’t seem to responsive like html pages

My questions:

  1. Can I do this using Thunkable alone? and if so what am I missing here ?
  2. If this is not possible using Thunkable what are the other options I have ?


Hey @sunethjod!

Have you tried this. Host you PDFs on cloudinary. The. Load them as urls in the webviewer.

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