How to use dynamically created Sprites with Accelerometer

In my game, when I click helicopter image, a Parachute is displayed. I then change its speed so as to make it fall down. I can go on clicking on the helicopter as many times and it will generate as many Parachutes on screen, I do that by creating new sprite of type “Sprite_TypeChute”. It all works beautifully well.

Now I want to move these food packets depending upon how the phone moves. So I used Accelerometer. It worked well when I had a single Sprite. But it is simply not working in my scenario. I am attaching screenshot of the code I am using. Tried many options to move all Sprites but I just can’t get it. Can someone please help?

First image - My code to create dynamic Sprites
Parachute code 1

Second image - My code to move the helicopter and all Sprites basis the xAcceleration
Parachute code 2

Hi @sagart8379, thanks for the question and the helpful info around the problem.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Accelerometer at all so…

The clue here is that it worked in the simplest case i.e. with one Sprite.

What you did next was pass a list of sprites to a block that expected a single sprite as an input.

I’d recommend using a loop to change the speed for each sprite in that spriteType, for example:

Also, I’m not sure that this will give the smoother user experience so you might need to dial up or down the accelerometer sensitivity:

Hope that helps!