How to turn off tool tips?

How can I turn off tool tips in Chrome?

Often, when I try to take a screenshot on the Blocks page, the tooltip gets in the way:


I’ve been developing with Thunkable for a long time and don’t really need the hints any more even though they were helpful when I was getting started.

Feature request submitted here: Turn off tool tips · Issue #1092 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

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Hi @tatiang ,
Maybe run this in the console and see if it works.

function remove_tooltip () {
var blocks = Blockly.getMainWorkspace().getAllBlocks();
for (var i of blocks) {


Note: you have to run this every time before opening your project.

P.S. i’ve made this code from the back of My head, I am not sure it may work.

Edit: just ran a quick test and it works.
Just run the code before the blocks are loaded.


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How do you run it before the blocks load? I tried to paste it quickly into the console but it returns an error:

If I wait until the blocks have loaded, the script runs but does not disable tool tips.

Edit: I did get it to work but I had to keep pasting the script over and over and hitting return. It also only works on a single screen. If I switch screens in Thunkable, the tool tips appear on the other screens.

I appreciate the info! I’d love to see this implemented as a setting in Thunkable accounts.


You have to make a change to the workspace,
After all it’s a change listener.

Anyways i thought it would also work if you added a new block.

Never mind that it seems the workspace Gers loaded When opening the block editor.

Yes, that’s a problem with the console it only works for it’s parent tab.

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