How to transfer PlayerID?

There is a task in which it is necessary that when entering the site through the Web Viewer, after authorization (on the site), the PlayerID is transmitted to the site or directly to the server. Please tell me how this can be done. I did it like this:

You’re using a onesignal block for push notifications. Is that what you intended? It’s a pro feature, and I don’t think it does what you want.

Did you read my links above, showing how to use web viewer to send messages in and out of thunkable?


He created a new post for the same issue and therefore, in this POST, there are no links above this one.

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That’s what I get for posting to the forums from my phone! You’re right, I thought this was a continuation of this thread: How do I transfer player id to the server?

@microinvest.devt0g3d please don’t make duplicate threads.


Yeah, I read it and was informative thanks for sharing it.

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