How to staticly position a UI component? OR Is there a Screen onScroll event block that I'm missing?

I want to create a ui component that will stay visible on the screen like the top or bottom navigation does, if the user scrolls the content.

The goal is to create a modal that when the user interacts w/ a UI component, it will trigger the modal, making it visible, however depending on if the user scrolled the page, the modal may not be visible.

If there was a way to capture the scrolling like the JavaScript onScroll() event, and I could calculate the screen height and relative location on the screen, I could use a function to change the XY of the modal component to make sure it rendered in the same relative location of the screen regardless of where the user scrolled to in the current screen.

Is this even possible with components or blocks?

When I encounter a lack of app compatibility that requires too much php tags, I use webview.

Thanks for the reply.

That won’t work either. This app doesn’t require Internet access while in use, and using the web view I would just set it all up as a web app and let people use it that way, however, Thunkable is the only app builder I’ve found that let’s me use the TTS like I intend.

However, trying to build it in this environment is very limiting. I may have to go back to trying to configure cordova… :frowning:

Can you use create component at x and y position? Create floating button

What is the problem with that …

Sorry I might not have understood you completely

Ok, I didn’t know what the float in place did, but combining that with poition: relative to device, and that gave me what I was looking for.