How to detect a scroll

Hello thunkable community,
I am currently working on a thunkable app, in which i wanted a small scrolling effect
In normal screen, the screen has these things - banner, pic, edit icon, name, description, content below,
I will make content using layout component
But i need, that when some scroll on the whole screen, i.e, not only content which will be in layout container, but on the name, description or rest of screen, then i want these changes to my screen,
Pic, edit btn and go upward btn at the top of the screen, the rest of the content below them
And one more thing, if anyone clicks on the go upward blue btn, then to show the normal screen of all items.
Normal Screen:

Scrolled screen

Is this possible in thunkable, if yes, then please tell how we can achieve these stylings?

Please anyone solve this query.

Can anyone please answer?

Thunkable would need to have swipe detection or at least mouseUp and mouseDown detection and it does not.

I’ve requested this but it hasn’t yet been added to the product.

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