How to split up large amounts of data that are being concentrated into a label

I am trying to get a large amount of data from my sheet and show it in my app. This is nearly 200 datapoints that are all being concentrated into a label, thus the label “disappears” when all the data points are concentrated at once into it. Is there a way to get that data to come and collect in that label without making it disappear?

This is a video of the label disappearing

This is the sheet (The first row is the filter, every row after that is being input into the label)

I’m not sure what you mean by “concentrated into a label.” A label usually stores a single value, not multiple values. Do you mean a Simple List?

What is the purpose of storing your entire database in a label? Can you say more about what you are trying to do? This doesn’t really provide enough details:

You can post a link to your project or screenshots of your blocks… that would help connect some of the dots that are missing here…

I am trying to filter the data from a spreadsheet based on one criteria. That is the number in the first column. (I changed all the numbers to the same one for testing purposes.)

For example, I was trying to just take all the data in the rows that show 101 in this photo.

That is the reason why multiple datapoints are being input into one label.

I recommend that you store the data in Airtable and use the Airtable API’s filterByFormula command to filter only the records you need. Here’s an example of that: The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable) - #22 by jared.

You can then display the filtered data in a Data Viewer List or Simple List depending on what you need, or you can clone labels but that’s a bit more complicated.

Hello @tatiang

Quick Question and sorry for the late reply.
Does this same code apply even after Airtable removed API keys and used personal authorization tokens?

That’s a good question but I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to it. I haven’t used Airtable since then.

Edit: I asked Microsoft Copilot your question and this is what it responded:

Yes, the solution I provided still applies even after Airtable removed API keys and switched to using personal authorization tokens. The filterByFormula parameter remains the same, and you can continue to use it to filter records based on specific criteria.

Remember to include your personal access token in the request headers for authentication when making API calls. If you haven’t already, obtain your personal access token from Airtable and include it in your API requests.

Thank you very much for that prompt answer.