How to set a category to play music

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I am making a media playing app. There are 4 categories of music the user can select on Screen1.

When the user chooses one, this navigates to the Media screen. The music instantly begins to play, called in a shuffled order from a column of links in a local spreadsheet.

The goal: I need to tell the app to play music only from the category they selected when they arrive on the Media screen.

I’m unsure how to achieve this on 1 screen successfully. I could make 4 separate Media screens, but I was told that is not wise. I was also told not to have a navigation button do any other functions, so I’m really unsure how to achieve this!

Q: How does the app know which button was clicked on the previous screen? :thinking:

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You need to transfer a value from screen1 to screen2, right?
For your case, the value will be the user’s mood. He will choose it on screen1, and will go to the next screen with the mood.
Going from one screen to another screen is more commonly known as sending start value.

Refer to my tutorial on How to use StartValue with Thunkable X -

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Thanks a million Kartik! I will review this - I appreciate the advice so much. Looking forward to learning about sending a start value. :relaxed:

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I would be happy if my tutorial helps you! :blush: