Filter based on a value

Hey guys, i am trying to build an app wich is like this:

I have a list of different items of jewelry (rings, necklaces, etc…)

I want to, when the user clicks on a button on screen1, show only the items selected on another screen.

For example:

Users clicks on RING button, goes to another screen and only shows the RING’s.
I am using a DB in AirTable to store the items, and I have an URL image for them also.

This is the DB, column “Categoria” is the category of the item, if it is ring, necklace, earring…

This is the screen1, with the buttons to choose between Earring, necklaces, rings…

Then when the user choose a button, this screen only shows the items of the selected category

I have a button to “Next Item” below the picture so the user can pass to another item (also only in the selected category).

I am trying to do this with variables, but no success :frowning: