How to send reminders to specific user by the date they selected?

So basically am working on an app and one of feature in it is depending on what user has written we have to send a reminder or play a sound when the user is offline the app too. on the date selected by the user.
Is it possible?

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and also how do we check a condition for every 1second on tunkable tho the user is offline?

IT is not possible to do something When the users doesn’t have the app open.
You basicly can’t run your codes in the background.

Use the Google Calendar API to add event to the calendar and let it take care of the reminders.

Alternatively, use Zapier or similar apps to add the event to calendar

Ok sir, any specific video suggestions for the same. Thank you for the idea by the way☺️

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See this YouTube starting 3:55

will it work on tunkable?

how do i link it?

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This will work directly with your data storage. If your app is storing the data in Google Sheet for example, then this solution will read the sheet and perform the rule you set it up.

so which app they were using in the video?

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ok sir

can we schedule it? like the title should be what user entered in the app and date should be what user selected using date input

cause in the video he is scheduling it as he knows that date and subject

can we use push notitfications for ios too? and will we be able to schedule push notifitcations on a specific date and subject

When your user confirms the information entered you save it in a Google sheet then Integromat will read the data in the sheet and create a calendar event or whatever you want it.

sir how to save it is what im asking… Im sorry but im not understanding what ur trying to say.

im still a starter thats the reason i need some time!

any app you made on the same sir?

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I have suggested this solution because it worked for me.

I cannot comment on scheduled Push Notifications because I have not tried.

ok sir. so as u tried it if u dont mind can you explain on how to save data in google sheets and all of that

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There a lot of Thunkable video tutorials for that.

Image 01-05-21 at 8.13 PM



and the date too

how will the user set the reminder to google calender

In Thunkable, save the data in a sheet. Integromat will read it from the sheet.

Just to let you know, in Integromat you can create a web hook which you can run it from Thunkable without the need to save the data in a sheet but for a beginner it is easier to use the sheet.