How to check condition though user is offline?

how to check conditions every minute? like though the user is offline the app. if
what user entered = current day
if yes, then it should send a mail that’s all fine but how to check the condition?

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Use timer!

If the user doesn’t have the app open, this will not work.

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What about monitoring?

meaning ?

Hi there,

Do you mean that in this app, your user enters a specific date, and you want to send them an email on that date?

If so, you would need to find an external API service that lets you schedule emails. When the user enters a date, schedule an email with this external service. Then when the date arrives, the service can send an email on your behalf.

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yes, but as i feel its bit complex i decided to use web viewer and show google calender on click of a button? i would love if the app only would send reminders… Any neat and clear explaination ?

and also the subject and mail info should be on what user entered.
any easy solution?