How to send multiple data to Google Sheet?

I’m a complete beginner in thunkable , I have an idea of an app that let hundreds of users send data to the same google sheet ,
And My question is how many users can send data to that sheet before the app or the sheet crashes or stop responding .
Any help ?

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I would encourage you to name your topics with a short summary of the question (something like “How to send multiple data to Google Sheet”).

Everyone who posts a new topic wants help or wants to share information. So it’s really not necessary to include “please help me” in your topic title. I believe you can still edit your topic title.

I’m not sure what the limit is but if you attempt that, you will find that it will fail. Even if Google Sheets can support hundreds of requests simultaneously, the results will likely be unpredictable because you can’t know how the timing of those requests will work.

I would recommend using Firebase for that since you can target a single path/directory for each user based on their UserId when they sign in.

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Thanks Tatiang, I’ve already made a new summary.

Also, if the problem with google sheets is only the timing but all the records will be saved on this single sheet that would be ok for me. as I need the records only.
Also, It would be great help to me in case you give me a sample project including firebase as a tutorial.

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I don’t have a sample project that would be very helpful.

You can see some examples of it here, though: Create and Save Data in Firebase

This community desperately needs better Firebase documentation and tutorials. I hope the staff will make that a priority.

The tricky thing about multiple editors in Google Sheets is that things like creating or deleting rows can affect other values such as the “number of rows” block. So it may work for you depending on what your needs are.

@tatiang Firebase is on our minds for a docs overhaul. I am not guaranteeing a change any time very soon but this is good feedback.

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