How to scroll horizontally on thunkable X

Even if you activate the row scroll, you do not have the possibility to roll to the side …
From what I read in other articles, there is no way to do this in thunkable x. Is there a prediction for this to happen?


Can you check if this may help: ?

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:confused: is private

I read in another post in the forum that you can rotate a column 90 degrees and it will scroll horizontally, let me know if you let it work as it might be useful to know

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if you can, share it here: D

I believe there was a post a few years ago with a solution for the same topic.

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You’re replying to a post about a year later from last response.

Ya I realised that after I responded, thunkable prompts me with these topics and I don’t really check the dates :sweat_smile:

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