How to say a sentence and the computer talks back to you like a friend?

If you say a sentence the machine responds as if it is a friends. Or like when you return from school and say " I had a great day " then the computer will respond something similar as " What did you do in school today? : Like you get the hang of it right?

This is both a very simple and a very complicated question. You’ll need to research how chat bots are made, how artificial intelligence works, etc.

To bounce off @tatiang’s response, you may just want to google “chatbot api” or GPT-3 and model training

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You can use Dialogflow and the Assistant component to get something like this. You can provide your own questions and answers and Dialogflow will learn the pattern.

Ok I will try that

But I think the words Chatbot Api are just leading to another website that I need a new username and password. Am I in the right site?

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An API is just a way to get data into Thunkable. If you choose to use an API, you’ll need to figure out how to add it to your project. And that may involve creating an account for the API and or paying for its services.

Ok I get it