How to remove unnecessary permissions?

I’m getting this warning every time I try to upload to the android app store. I can see from other posts that a lot of other users face this issue. I’ve tried editing the XML file on the android studio - which was suggested but I’ve had no luck. I’m not using the camera, audio recording, web-viewer, reading contacts etc. I’m not sure how to get around this?

This is making it so that I have to upload a privacy policy, if anybody has any experience using preset versions online, it would be super helpful to find out from where!

Thank you all :slight_smile:

try this. you need a place to host it though. I use my server. You could use github or google sites

then you need to add a note in your design screen. first you click on the top most item in the compoent tree the ‘app name’. on the right hand of the screen, scroll down in the properties window. there shoul dbe a spot for that.

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Thanks for this Jared, will the policy need to match the permissions that are embedded in the thunkable app in order to be accepted by google? They’ve got an even longer lead time at the moment due to C19 and so I’d like to avoid any hold-ups :slight_smile:

maybe also check this out

You may want to do some extra reading, but i would think so. You will want to disclose what you do with any information (audio, video, photo, text, data) that is collected by the app

Hi Jared, thanks for the link to the generator.
However I am struggling with this part.


I am not able to find the spot for that… can you share a screenshot?

a screenshot of what?

A screenshot of the spot where we need to add the Privacy Policy in the App settings.
Did I understand correctly that there is a predefined field in thunkable to add that link?
or should I find a place inside my app to add the link? In that case, will Google automatically find it when uploading the app, even if this is only a link?


If you’re not using those invisible components , it shouldn’t say that.

I just submitted and had to include one though but didn’t receive that error. I recommend uploading a fresh apk

@jbonet0073 you add the privacy policy in I forget exactly where but it’s under Store Presence.

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its here

there’s also an easter egg for anyone whose bored and want’s to text me hint hint

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Thanks for the video I will have a look!

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10/10 for app name @jared

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Poopy pants is usually my default username for everything! :joy:

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