How to prevent elements moving when list opens?

Things like buttons and other lists move when a list is visible, is there a way to get it to overlap other elements when someone is choosing something from a list?

Can you share an example of this? It would be helpful to have a screenshot of the problem and a sketch or screenshot of what it should look like.

The list moves the button like in the drawing, but I want it to overlap the button instead when it opens, and to not move the button.

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Okay, got it. The drawing is helpful!

If you’re using the newer Drag & Drop interface (DnD), you can overlap elements and show/hide them as needed.

If you’re using the older Snap to Place interface (StP), you can use Z positioning to overlap components. It’s a little tricky but it definitely works. I still would probably try to put the button and list in a column and show/hide each as needed.

FYI, the Drag & Drop interface has the “group” component instead of the “row” and “column” components. It looks like this:


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