How to move things from one list to another list?

I am trying to move items from one list to another and make it show in a list-viewer form in my app.

You can see the “get # 1” block, which I messed up. I want it to move items one by one, or even easier all of it, into another list.

I used variables for the lists, as I saw another post about it. One list/variable is called "List names, and the other is called “used names list”. The “repeat process name” variable is what I am trying to move from one list to another.

Thanks in advance!

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To copy whatever in List Names to Used Names List just use the blocks to set one variable to the other.

No you are starting stored variable Used Names List and assigning at an empty list. Instead of the empty list assign it stored variable List Names this will copy the list List Names to the list Used Names List.

Hope that helps