How to make Data viewer grid display information from previous screens

Hi! I am part of a competition called Technovation. Technovation is a contest where young girls design an app to help solve a global problem. We are working on an app that allows charities to put in items they need. We have a charity sign-up screen where charities can insert an image of their charity and their name along with other information. We want to have a screen that displays all the charities’ names and photos. We decided to use a data viewer grid to display the information. I added a data source which was a google sheet. I am not sure how to code the app to save the charity name and photo, add it to the sheet, and then display it on the screen. We don’t want to enter the information in the google sheet manually. Hoping to get help soon!

Hi @aleenba2008c5ps,

Can you store the data as a variable (or variables) and use that stored data on the next screen?

You can also send data off to Sheets buy using the “Create Row” block;

You can then do a refresh on the list to show all the Charity’s.

Some extra stuff - (click to read)

It might be worth adding a 3rd column in sheets with true/ false checkboxes, so you can ‘approve’ the uploads that are displayed, or even just add a confirmation or login to avoid getting spammed. Security is very important, and showing that (or at least that you’ve thought about it) might help your chances to win.

It might be worth creating a login so that admins can administrate the list, unless the app is internal to a company (even then) you might no want everyone to have access.

By using the OneSignal integration (free) for example, you could automatically assign each mobile device a unique ID and then allow them to only upload one response, but also understand who has responded on which devices and of course send out push notifications at a later date (for whatever reasons).

I had a quick look at Technovation (timeline) and it looks like you need to do a pitch, some videos and other things. Whilst it might seem obvious, ChatGPT would be a great place to start to generate some wording/ marketing blurb to support your app that you can refine. Animoto (among others) can help you create videos quickly, and as it’s a competition I doubt you need to worry about watermarks, but if you can pay for one month to get the full video download then it might be worth it. If you’re in the Senior Division, looks like you need a business plan and by far, costs will be the thing people look at the most, it doesn’t matter if you make up the numbers, just something with graphs that is even semi-realistic will probably be fine (i.e. you don’t need an accountant, just help from someone to make the numbers realistic). You can of course include the mission statement etc. in the business plan/ user adoption strategy, but I assume you may already have some advice on that from friends/family.

I’m sure the Thunkable community will help you with any other issues so please (continue to) use this resource, as we all know it can be a bit of a mind boggle when you’re a beginner (even if you’re a techie!)

Good luck!

Ok I will try these methods hanks for your help!

I tried and the information is saved to the google sheet. I am having difficulty displaying the information on the data viewer grid. The sheet is able to save the name but when it comes to saving a photo it creates a weird link. How do I code it so that the name and photo are displayed on the data viewer grid?

The Photo value in your Google Sheet is a local file on your device. You need to host the photos in the cloud. For example, you can store photos in Cloudinary and then enter the url for each stored photo in your Google Sheet.

Also, see this: Where to store images for a google sheet to be displayed

Why is the title not displaying the charity name?

I’m not sure but why are you wanting to do that? Normally, you would assign a label’s text to the get value block. Have you tried that?

What is the DVG Title field mapped to in the properties panel? Is it mapped to the “Charity” column or to something else?

It is set to the charity coloum

So when you select the Google Sheet in the DVL properties panel and preview the project without clicking anything, the Charity value (“Test”) doesn’t appear on the screen?

Can you post a screenshot of the properties panel?

Any chance you can post a link to the project?

Here is the link for the project. We want to display the title of the charity and an image of the charity’s logo. The title is saved and the photo also gets saved in the sheet but they are not showing when we test the app.

I’m confused because you have a Data Viewer Grid. I thought you weren’t using that. I don’t see any labels on the display screen (“Charity home screen”).

Also, button4 on the first screen is not coded with any blocks that would save data (e.g. Create Row).

Which screen (the screen name) are you wanting to display the “Charity” value from Google Sheets on?

Can you share the Google Sheet link with me? It will make debugging this easier.

Sorry for the late response. I figured out what the issue was. The name and photo are now showing on the screen. I just have one question if I want to add multiple charities would I code it to say
If label one already has a charity name then add the second charity name to another label.

I don’t exactly understand your question. For each charity, you would add a new row to the data source with the information for that particular charity. Are you asking what should happen when the user enters a charity that already exists in the data source?

Yea that is what I meant

You would need to search the list of values (there’s a block for that) in the Charity column and if a match exists, decide what to do. For example, you could allow the user to overwrite the current information for that charity or you could display an alert to let them know that charity already exists.

Ok thanks for your help with this project!

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