How to Make Background Remover in Thunkable?

I need a Background Remover in My App, But I do not know how to Make it in Thunkable. it may Use Some APIs. Please also Mention The Sample Project.

What do you mean by “background remover app”?


Instead of asking for a whole project — because we’re all busy people and most of the users here are developers like you and me, volunteering our time to help each other — ask a specific question about one part or one step of your project.

Show us the effort you’ve put in by Googling APIs and trying to set up blocks based on examples on the forums. Then we can offer suggestions for that specific part rather than having to create a whole project for you.

If you do need a whole project, consider paying someone to make it for you.

I’ve been Checking APIs in Google, I got some APIs like Clip Drop but I am having a Very hard time to use them. That’s Why I asked.

Well, you’ve already gotten a lot of advice about Clip Drop. It seems like it’s just a difficult API to use.

Is there a reason you need to put that in your app vs. using something like

I’m going to close this topic since you already started one about Clip Drop. You can add more info there if you need to.