How to make an App for english alphabets with minimum screens

Hello everyone,
I am new to thunkable. I want to make an app of the English alphabets. The problem I am facing is, I have to make 26 screens for all the alphabets. Is there a way, so I can place all the alphabets images in one screen with a play, previous and next button. So I don’t have to design 26 screens for all the alphabets.

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The most effective solution is to create vertical layouts.

Customize them with short names and in the block part you must program whether to Hide or Show the arrangement.

You should first consider a couple of things

1- The more screens the app has, the greater its final weight
2- The number of blocks per screen also affects the final weight of the app

Possible solution:
1- After the main screen you can create a Menu screen and then a third screen with which you can play with the vertical Layouts (hide and show)

You can consider this publication

Sorry for my bad English =P

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Thank you Dear, I will try this.

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This video is other possible Option to considerer