How to Make an App 2017

Yesterday I gave a talk to 150+ students about our summer courses in App Development and Engineering.

I thought that the best way to showcase the type of apps that students build was with an app so I made this demo:

It includes

  • “Babel Fish” - universal translator. This app usually incorporates voice recognition but I left it out because I knew it would be a noisy environment. PIN: 42

  • “Sorting Hat” - an example quiz application that sorts quizzers into their Hogwarts houses. It includes the Player and Sharing components. PIN: 9.75

  • “Spotify” - Open at your own risk :wink: PIN: 11

The app also includes a hidden easter egg, which was inspired by Google’s Developer options menu - post a screenshot if you find it!!


Great app, I am looking for the Easter Egg

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It’s a good app. I’ve just spent 20 minutes looking for the Easter egg and can’t find it. Can I have a clue? :wink:

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There seems to be a bug. When I share my results after playing Sorting Hat, it shows an error. Mostly because you haven’t changed the path of the file.

I also get that…

@domhnallohanlon you should use the PathToAssets method on @Taifun’s tools extension to fix this.


If I am right, this is the development path for the Companion app.

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Yes, the AppInventor/assets folder is for the Companion App

There were lots of different paths to choose from, that was the only one that worked on my phone (not Thunkable Live) but I did read that there were alternatives.

I’ll have to use the extension I think, thanks @Conor, @Sander0542 and @Helios

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What’s the ‘Live Demo’ button for? What’s the PIN for it?

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I did a live demo of how to build “Snapchat” in 10 minutes. It takes a picture, adds text and one filter and uses the sharing component to share the photo.

Every time I added a component and some code the audience could press reload and see the changes on their screen!


WOW, I saw your Twitter post and it seems that your talk was amazing!

I would like to be your student :wink:

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Thanks @barreeeiroo, you’d fit in well to any of my classes! :+1:


@domhnallohanlon can you share your .aia file for snapchat like app?? pls… I’m in great need of this…

is there a video? link? or url? to see how you did it?