Today, 3 years ago we published our first app using AppInventor

Today 3 years ago, we published our first app to the Google Play Store. We used AppInventor for it, and discovered Thunkable one year ago. We have to say, we couldn’t go back to AppInventor. We discontinued our first app and incorporated it’s key features into our social media app Huge ( Feel free to check us out!


Awesome Job! Happy Thunking!

so awesome to hear!!!

Thanks so much! We’re happy to use Thunkable and can’t wait for the iOS release! Our app will look great on apple devices!

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Thanks so much! 3 years in the making!

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Hey! Nice app! :confused:

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Yeah it’s not working in my country too :confused::frowning:

Hello, my apologies for responding 219 days late! I had taken down my app 2 months after that post, but relaunched it in October, and I plan to launch an updated one with an even sleeker look. Here is the link. My apologies to both of you for any inconveniences I caused you.

(@Kevin I’m replying to you in this way since you can’t reply to two people at once lol).

Again, my apologies for any inconveniences I caused you.

EDIT: i originally put the link to my developer account rather than my app in the first post. Oops.