How to make a gallery app with different animal filters and color filters

Hekko Thunkers :wave:
Does anyone have ideas on how to make a gallery?
Links and docs are allowed please give clear details and replies.Also if you prefer sending me a private message please do.Also you can reply to my other topic if you like please like and reply and don’t be afraid to flag this post if it breaks any of the community guidelines.If you flag it please message me first so I know and fix it.Thank you on behalf of Thunkable X and all community members.


Hi there,

Here is a sample app that demonstrates how to make a Gallery in your Thunkable app.

Screen1 has a slideshow that the user can manually click through.

Screen2 has a timer that automatically shows each image after a given period of time using the Timer. If you use this method, make sure that your Timer component is set to loop! This is probably not so relevant to your app, since you want users to scroll through the filters at their own pace.

Screen3 lets users scroll through images with a slider.

Since this app refers to ‘length of List’ rather than absolute numbers when looping through the list, you only have to change the items in the ‘listOfImages’ list to personalise this function to your needs.

In your case, you could have a list of images that display what your different filters would look like on a sample picture.


Thanks @jane I’ll try it out and see if it’s right

Jane: I love your tutorial on reverse geocoding, but I could not find the sample project to remix. Could you provide the link to the project please?

Thank you

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