How to maintain component's sizes when the keyboard is shown?

Hi thunkers
I have a front-end doubt with thunkable.
How to maintain the original size of all the components in the screen when the keyboard is shown for typing the e-mail and password for example. Here are a couple of screens of my thunkable app.
Thank you in advance.

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You can set the screen’s scrollable property to true


Are you using the DnD (Drag and Drop) UI or the StP (Snap to Place) UI.

In StP you just need to set the screen scrollable to true. In DnD you would still need to have your components inside Group component to maintain the sizes.

I think it is DnD because the scrollable property didn’t solved my problem. Sorry to ask, but how can I have my components inside this “Group” component? Could you show an example?

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Add a group component to your screen then place the other components inside the group component. If you move the group component all other components inside it will move accordingly.

See this
Group Example

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