How to load insterstitial everytime we go back to "Screen1"

I’m trying to figure out how to load an interstitial everytime the user goes back to the “Screen1’”, but don’t load the interstitial when the user first opens the app (because when he opens the app the “Screen1” is loaded and the interstitial loads too). Just when he enters another Screen and then goes back to the “Screen1”.
Can anybody help me with that?
Thanks a lot!

I’m sorry, but what does the word “interstitial” mean?

Okay, I’ll try to tell. When Screen is loaded for the first time, the Starts block is called. When Screen is displayed physically, the Opens block is called. That is, when create the screen (or use the “navigate to” block), Starts is called, and then Opens, and when you return to a previously open screen using, for example, a swipe gesture, only the Opens block is triggered.

Here is a link to a project that you can experiment with.

I’m sorry, I mean Interstitial ads from admob.
The ad is loading everytime we open the Screen1, like when people open the app, and when people are in another screen and then return to the main screen “Screen1”.
Everything is working fine, I just wanted to know if I there is a way for the interstitial ad not to load the first time the “Screen1” is loaded (when people open the app), since Google doesn’t like insterstitial ads when you open the app.

I don’t know if I explained it very well.


Now I understand. In Thunkable X, in the thread of which you asked your question, there is no such functionality. Try to repeat the question in discussion Thunkable Classic (with admob I did not work).