How to link Ximiliar app to Thukable

Try it again but change the method from Get to Post. (see call webapi block)

nothing happened when I changed that. I also just noticed each category where the photos are stored in each folder have their own specific id does that change anything?

overall which includes all

specific category= beach bum in this case

these are internal id’s assigned by ximilar - they should not affect you.
i see the error in your call_web_api block.
you are doing the activities when you get an error. can you recode it so you do the activities when there is no error. (you can set your label to status, if there is an error)

you can do

if error
  set label1 text to Status
  set app variable resp to blahblah 
  set label1 text to get property blahblah

please use Get_Api POST!
ALSO set the _url to a photo you want to classify - not to a photo you’ve already classified. try the photo suggested by @muneer -


I get “null” for my label which is better than an error I suppose
is there a way I could talk to anyone here one on one on discord of somewhere else by chance?

i went over the docs and the blocks and the video and i was confused by the terminology - sometimes they call the task , task-id but in the url you have to code it as task. then the video you posted showed an example pointing to a wrong endpoint, so please do the following;

  1. change the url to this

  2. change the task-id parameter to task in the set web body block

  3. make sure method is “Post”, etc.- point to another photo you can browse from the web as contents for _url


I did this an I get “null” still

there seems to be some other extra characters beyond your api_id - thunakable doesnt put spaces at the end of strings. can you replace the whole thinh and replace with your api key and try again?

also, do NOT put quotes inside the task id - they are already provided in the block.

I Still get null I even left the url blank just to see if it made a difference?

have you tried removing the quotes inside task?

yes I did that as well

maybe your label1 is part of an invisible component or maybe its font color is white!

i mean , show me your thunkable screen that contains the label1 component - in design mode highilight label1 and show picture of whole screen. that’s where the label appears - not on your ximilar screen!

I made it red

maybe this is one of those cases that works in live-test (at mobile) only, never at pc. have you tried that? (you need to download a thunkalbe app from play store to use)

yes I have been doing all the “testing on my phone” since it only works on iOS and Android

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@muneer @tatiang
@manyone has been amazing at helping with this project so far and has been doing most of the work. I was wondering if wither of you would be able to tag in for the next steps of the project. Manyone has gotten the Ximilar site to connect to thunkable which is great. I am now able to call a single “item” or "multiple(2) as of right now but the next step that I need is being able to take a picture and the button will tell me what it is, I have no idea where to go from here or how to do it but manyone says
“unfortunately there is no thunkable block currently available that can convert an image to base64. if there you simply take photo, pass it through the converter and the resulting base64 can go to ximilar.”

I was wondering if either of you had a suggestion on how this might work. As of right now the app works by giving it a picture of the url and it tells me what it is. Now I need to be able to take a picture or upload a picture and the app will tell me what the picture is through the Ximilar (custom recognition) app.

as far as i know, ximilar can handle images in two forms:

  1. via the _url parameter - an actual image (.jpg, .png, etc) , with a specific URL (ie. accessible via any browser)
  2. OR via the _base64 parameter - its base64 equivalent, the full uncompressed base64 string

i read somewhere in the thunkable forums that the camera block used to have a convert-to-base64 function available but it was discontinued. IF it were available, you would just use it directly “inside” thunkable before sending it to ximilar.
i’m pretty sure @muneer has a way of converting the image to base64 but via a webapi call. it just means you need to send your image “outside” then wait for its base64 string to return before you can send that to ximilar.
@muneer, if you can point that to me, i’ll be glad to try it. (EDIT. i see the link at the top of the thread - i’ll try it later)

(here’s the descsription from ximilar regarding images)

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My thought would be to upload the photo to Cloudinary using the built-in Thunkable Camera blocks. That will generate a url. The downside is that uploading to Cloudinary can be slow.

If we had the ability to reduce file size before uploading to Cloudinary (see (Thunkable X) Picture resize before uploading to MediaDB · Issue #224 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub), this would be simple and fast.

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As you have rightly guessed @manyone ,

This is my demo for images in Base64.