How to keep text input autofocus?

Hello, I have a text input field on wich I have activated auto focus property. When I open the screen on the first time the cursor is well placed and I can directly fill the text without having to clic on the input field. But when I loop on the screen (when the input field is not correct) the auto focus is not active and I have to clic on the text. I would like to use this field with a scanner and avoid to have the user clic on the screen…could yoy help me thank you. Frédéric

Hi @frederic.tharyjlz3

I have reported this as a bug. Thank you for raising this issue to our attention. We will work to resolve this. In the meantime, feel free to reach out at any time for an update. Otherwise, I will post here when I have more information to share with you or a timeline for a solution going live.
Thank you, again, for your time and patience in this matter.

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