Keýboard behavior

Dear all, I need one of the following.

  1. The keybord to STAY OPEN on screen when i add input text and “submit” that text.
    The input text box should stay in focus after sending and the keyboard should remain open.
  2. The keyboard should be possible to inactivate so that you may use your own keyboard

Feedback from users is that when phone keyboard gets closes / opens all the time it is a bad UX/UII want to build an iwn key board. However when place cursor in text input the phone key board opens.

Anyone have any ideas or solution

@stefansladdeneng1 If you are in a text input and select Auto Focus, the keyboard should persist. Is that not currently working for you? A recent fix for this issue was noted in V433 Release Notes.

Hi Matt, Not sure i en´tirely understood the usecase you pointed at… Let me further explain.
The text input is set to Auto Focus in desiwgn window
When the app opens Auto focus is activated correctly.

The use case i have now is the following:
Starting to write something and press the return key - Submit what was in the text input field
BUT i want the keyboard to be stay open and the auto focus to still apply. Which is not…
This means that if i want to submit another text input field - i need to place cursor inside the box again - and then the keyboard is opened…

Unfortunatelly, I think i need to rebuld again and use a workaround - unless you have an idea around it…
happy new Year by the way…

You can keep the input focused after submission, ensuring the keyboard remains open, or offer an option to toggle the phone keyboard for custom input.