How to get the same look on the buttons

I have this app with some cloned buttons that is getting the same data in the button text. But how do I get the same look on the android as on the IOS to the right? It is like it is writing all the text centered in the button.
Also the date button with logo in top left side is in a fixet column but I can get it in the same distance from the top as on the IOS.
Can someone please help me.

Make download. Try with real phone and see.

Could this be an issue with pixel density or ratio aspect?

The solution may be as follows:

  1. Find the longest word for the table
  2. Create a TEMP Label text field and insert the longest word with a font size of 0px
  3. in the loop, increase the font size of the longest word until the width of the TEMP Label field is greater than the width of the cell.

Good, interesting for create interface for tablet